You Don't Know What You Don't Know

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What Middle-Class Canadians Need To Know

(on matters financial, economic, geopolitical, and societal)


Articles of Interest

Canada's Economy:  Harper Government Rejects Economist Christopher Rajan's Financial Crisis Warning

(only because, when the next wave of the financial crisis hits Canada, they need to be able to claim, "nobody could have seen that "black swan" event, which was outside our control, coming".

B.C. property market hazy after "millionaire visa" scraped

(the government helped fuel the credit bubble so that everyone who got wealthy had the opportunity to believe that it was all due to their own hard work and risk taking.  Now, when the temporary paper wealth is destroyed by the popping of the bubble, the government must give the masses someone to blame, and thus, a policy that comes after the horse has bolted from the barn, will be an easy target).

The $15 trillion shadow over Chinese banks

On Respect and Income Equality

How Inequality Hollows Out the Soul

Inequality and Indignity

A more equal society will not hinder growth

The Myth of the "Self-Made Man"

Warren Buffett Ovarian Lottery Theory

Nassim Taleb:  Skills or Luck?

Stop saying, "Do What You Love, Love What You Do."  It Devalues Actual Work

Writing Off the Unemployed

Division of Labor:  GM, Toyota, and Adam Smith

China's housing market is looking ugly, which is scary for its financial system

China Faces "Vicious Cycle" As Commodity Collateral Collapses

World risks deflationary shock as BRICS puncture credit bubbles

Troubled Times:  Developing Countries Hit a BRICS Wall

Capital Controls or Cooperation?

Taxing the rich is good for the economy, IMF says

(now that allowing the wealth gap to no longer grow is beneficial for developed nations, as it was during the days of globalization, as it resulted in keeping the cost of imported oil and manufactured goods depressed, and therefore allowed less wealth to leak into developing nation economies).

1930's-stye debt defaults likely, says IMF research

Does the U.S. Economy Need Bubbles to Live?


Where Are The Customers' Yachts

Necessary Illusions - Noam Chomsky

Middle Eastern Oil:  An Historical Perspective and Outlook

Rental Income Falls 7.6% in Three Months in Blackstone's First Home Lease Securitization

True free market proponents should support private-public competition

Scientists Have Figured Out How To Filter Saltwater Into Fresh Water