You Don't Know What You Don't Know

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What Middle-Class Canadians Need To Know

(on matters financial, economic, geopolitical, and societal)

Economics, Politics, and Democracy

  • Jon Stewart Dubs Alberto Gonzales a Pinhead3:28

Keynes:  What He Got Right, and What He Got Wrong

Link to ALL Adam Curtis documentaries

(these are must-watch documentaries for anyone who wants to improve their personal understanding of the world we live in)

Federal Reserve Related

Philosophical Insights

American Imperialism

Globalization Related

The Ultimate Noam Chomsky Compilation

(I humbly submit for your viewing pleasure)

In watching the above documentaries keep in mind the Charles Ferguson and Ian Bremmer videos.

As Noam Chomsky has noted, America's goal in wanting to "spread democracy and freedom" was to embed instability because these countries did not have the systems in place for a "democracy" to operate. 

Remember, in the U.S. there are two parties that are not significantly different when it comes to economic policy (Charles Ferguson).  The "fighting" is more for show than anything else.